Monday, November 12, 2012

Houston, We (Had) A Problem

I should start by saying a big 'sorry' to anyone who actually reads this blog. A friend kindly pointed out to me  that it looks like I haven't blogged in a month, apparently I've been posting under a private setting, so I'm trying to figure out how to change old posts to public. Anyways, I'm sorry!! And thanks T for your help :)

I won't rehash the last month, since I'll be changing those posts soon, so I will give some random musings for your entertainment. 

Yesterday was Veteran's Day, and it felt so surreal to have to wish my husband a happy day. M was feeling a bit out of sorts about being considered a vet, so we spent the day "ignoring" it. I used to think a veteran was someone who served during wartime, and anyone who served when there was no war was just retired military.I apologize to everyone for my ignorance! According to the federal government, a veteran is someone who has served "any time, in any branch, for any period of time". And having been a wife to a husband who served in the forgotten branch, I can truly appreciate the definition this year. It's not an easy job, but military service is definitely appreciated by me!

I should also tell you something that shames me lately. Baby E is only 24 weeks old, still snug in my belly, and she is wreaking havoc on the world!! Okay, maybe not on the world as a whole. But she is turning me into a bipolar person, and poor M is the only one who gets the wrath of the "lows". Take Saturday for instance. B and I were eating pancakes and bacon and watching Monsters, Inc in his room. M was doing what he does best-playing on the XBox in our bedroom. M and B were supposed to drive out to see Grampa M, so after the movie was over I tried gently nudging M in the direction of the door, but he wanted to wait until noon (it was 10:45). So B and I played Jenga and Hot Wheels while we were waiting, but I got so irritated! I gave M a hard time about how he hardly plays with B lately because he works crazy hours, which is fine, but when he's home on the weekend he should play with his kid! M told B to get ready, they were going, which was also fine by me. But then M took an HOUR to get dressed, talk to his brother, and dilly-dally despite my reminders that B was waiting. Well they finally leave and I'm in a great mood again. They come back 9 hours later, and after being home for less than 5 minutes M accidentally burned B's fingers with hot water which has me FUMING mad and crying for B at the same time! It took me a good ten minutes to calm down too. 

Poor M. But I can say that because he's not home right now, I'm sure when he comes home from work I will forget that I felt bad and my blood will boil for no good reason. Oh pregnancy, you are fun!

Talk to you later,

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